Jerusalem Mayor to Meet UN Team

JERUSALEM Mayor Teddy Kollek said yesterday that he would receive a United Nations mission to investigate violence in the holy city despite an Israeli government boycott. ``I won't refuse to meet anyone who comes and wants to ask for a meeting,'' Mr. Kollek said.

Kollek, one of the country's best-known opposition Labor Party politicians, has encouraged Arab-Jewish coexistence since Israel captured the city's Arab eastern sector in the 1967 Middle East war.

The right-wing coalition government of Prime Minister Yitzhak Shamir refuses to cooperate with a UN Security Council-ordered mission to investigate the police killing of at least 20 Palestinians Oct. 8. The shootings resulted in unanimous Security Council condemnation of Israel's security forces. Israel is coming under heavy pressure to accept the mission from its chief ally the United States and from Western governments in the anti-Iraq alliance.

Meanwhile, Israel's Army lifted a week-long curfew from most of the occupied West Bank and Gaza Strip yesterday as calm returned to most areas after the violence.

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