A Divided Nation Unites

May 8, 1945: Postwar Germany divided into occupation zones June 24, 1948: Eleven-month Western airlift to British, French, and US zones of Berlin begins, following Soviet blockade

Sept. 21, 1949: West Germany founded; East Germany on Oct. 7

Aug. 13, 1961: Berlin Wall goes up

Dec. 21, 1972: Basic Treaty signed between East and West Germany, paving way for diplomatic recognition

Jan. 17, 1988: Demonstration at official march sparks crackdown in East Germany July/August 1989: Would-be East German emigrants pack West German embassies across East Europe to seek exit papers

Sept. 10, 1989: Hungary opens its border to Austria, allowing thousands of East Germans to reach West

Oct. 7, 1989: Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev visits East Germany on 40th anniversary; antigovernment demonstrations begin

Oct. 18, 1989: East German leader Erich Honecker quits, replaced by Egon Krenz Nov. 9, 1989: Berlin Wall opened

March 18, 1990: East Germany's first free elections. Voters opt for center-right pro-unity government

July 1, 1990: East and West Germany merge economies

Sept. 12, 1990: World War II Allies and two German states sign treaty restoring sovereignty to future united Germany

Oct. 3, 1990: East Germany unites with West Germany

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