Meeting for the first time as an interim national council, squabbling Cambodian politicians broke off talks Sept. 19 aimed at ending the 11-year Southeast Asian conflict. Last week the peace process revived when the four warring Cambodian factions agreed to form the interim authority as part of a United Nations peace plan.

But negotiations that began in Bangkok Sept. 17 stalled over the question of who would head the 12-member council and whether the absent resistance leader Prince Norodom Sihanouk would be included.

Talks snagged on the rivalry between Hun Sen, prime minister of the Phnom Penh government, and Prince Sihanouk, the most prominent politician in the rebel coalition.

The guerrillas want Sihanouk to join the interim council as its head and 13th member. Hun Sen says Sihanouk must replace a coalition member instead. A timetable for the next meeting was not set.

``We have come to a kind of confrontation with Sihanouk,'' Hun Sen told a press conference.

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