Australia Will Increase Aid For Gulf Refugee Relief

AUSTRALIA is trebling its contribution to the relief effort in the Gulf. Sen. Gareth Evans, minister for foreign affairs and trade, announced Tuesday that Australia would contribute $1.2 million in addition to the $400,000 announced earlier.

``The enormous dimensions of the repatriation and relief effort are becoming clearer every day,'' says Senator Evans.

``As the numbers escalate, it becomes more and more urgent that people be repatriated quickly and that emergency supplies be made available until they can be repatriated.''

Australia considered sending Royal Australian Air Force planes to help move supplies, but decided that it would be more cost effective to contribute money to agencies already operating in the region.

The Australian contribution is going to the International Organization for Migration, United Nations Children's Fund, the International Committee of the Red Cross, and Australian charities involved in the relief effort.

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