God's Power and Presence

WHEN my daughter was very young she woke once in the middle of the night feeling ill. As I went into her nursery to care for her, I felt tired, overburdened, and anxious. I picked her up and sat down with her in the rocking chair, but found myself hoping she would go back to sleep quickly. Although I then began to pray I felt as though I were a long way from God's power and presence. But I had just been to a Wednesday evening meeting at a local Church of Christ, Scientist, where people had shared ideas about God that had helped them, and I asked myself, ``Was there something said at the meeting that would help me now?'' Then I remembered a Bible verse one person had referred to. It's in Psalms: ``Be still, and know that I am God.'' Of course, I thought, God is in control. He's watching over me and loving me just as I love my daughter. He is right here guiding and guarding us both.

I did what this Bible verse says. I noticed then how very still, quiet, and peaceful everything was, and I began to pray to understand more of the peace that is God-given. I reasoned that since God, divine Love, was taking care of all of His ideas, He was certainly taking care of us. Mary Baker Eddy, the Discoverer and Founder of Christian Science, explains it this way in Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures, ``Love giveth to the least spiritual idea might, immortality, and goodness, which shine through all as the blossom shines through the bud.'' I realized that since divine Love gives its creation ``might, immortality, and goodness,'' the spiritual man created by God could never lack health, peace, comfort, joy, or serenity.

We soon felt God's presence. His power was manifested. My daughter slept through the night and the discomfort she had felt soon subsided completely. And I had a renewed sense of God's presence and immediate power.

God's presence is felt and His power seen when we are receptive to His love for His children. This love is divine, pure, unconditional, and peaceful. God takes care of His children constantly with His power and strength.

Understanding and actually feeling God's presence help adjust bad circumstances. We can depend on God's power and love to replace discord with harmony, neutralize hatred with peace, and eliminate criticism with joy. By our trust in God and His power, trying circumstances of everyday life can be shaped anew with the qualities of kindness, fearlessness, joy, peace, and harmony. Getting closer to God enables us to feel His presence and witness His power. We invite His presence and power when we pray. Although He is always present and sustaining His children, prayer opens the doors of our heart to welcome in the Most High. This prayer is powerful and healing, and our Father always answers it.

We have Christ Jesus' promise in the Beatitudes, ``Blessed are the pure in heart: for they shall see God.'' Turning to God wholeheartedly, trustingly, and expectantly, purifies our heart and opens the pathway of spiritual progress. We not only see God but feel His love. This turning to God is an expectant prayer for goodness, joy, health, in short, for the presence of God to be expressed and witnessed in our everyday experience.

God's presence isn't mysterious or fearful. When we're aware of His presence, we feel His comfort and care, and we see His expression of good in ourselves and in each other.

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