A weekly update of film releases BETSY'S WEDDING - The word ``Breezy'' could have been invented to describe this Alan Alda comedy about a middle-class family's struggle to stage a fancy wedding for their daughter. It's not uproarious, and it relies far too much on ethnic stereotypes, but is has an amiable charm until some clumsy slapstick takes over near the end. The first-rate cast does well by even the weakest material. (Rated R) ROBOCOP 2 - Like the original Robocop, he's half man and half machine. But he's controlled by an evil crime syndicate that's about to take over Detroit, and only Robocop No. 1 can save the day. The movie is half violent satire, half sadistic thriller, and all so noisy and metallic that even science-fiction fans may find themselves hollering for mercy. Irvin Kershner directed. (Rated R)

TOTAL RECALL - Memory and identity are the themes of this science-fiction epic. The hero can't afford a vacation on Mars, so he pays to have the memory of a Martian trip planted in his mind, only to discover that he's a secret agent whose real memories of interplanetary intrigue have been temporarily erased. The plot, based on a Phillip K. Dick story, is ingenious; and Arnold Schwarzenegger brings an effective blend of machismo and innocence to his role. Too bad director Paul Verhoeven lets brainless violence and tricky special effects swamp the cleverness of the tale itself. (Rated R)

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