Comprehensive Anti-Apartheid Act

US Conditions for the Review Of Sanctions Repeal state of emergency and respect the principle of equal justice under the law. Release Nelson Mandela, Govan Mbeki, Walter Sisulu, black trade-union leaders, and all political prisoners. Permit the formation of political parties, expression of political opinions, and full participation in the political process. Establish a timetable for the elimination of apartheid laws. Negotiate South Africa's future political system with representatives of all racial groups. End military and paramilitary activities aimed at destabilizing neighboring states. South Africa's Moves Lifted nationwide emergency in three out of four provinces. Working toward equal justice under law, but victims of arbitrary detention laws are still almost exclusively black. Government committed to review security laws by next year. Released Mandela, Mbeki, Sisulu, and others. The government says it has accepted joint ANC-government working committee report on release of remaining political prisoners, but ANC as a whole has not yet accepted the report. Scores still held under arbitrary detention laws. Legalized the ANC and other banned political groups. De Klerk has legalized peaceful protest, and committed his government to full participation by all racial groups in the political process. De Klerk has said that the Separate Amenities Act will be abolished by Oct. 15. Laws enforcing residential segregation and the racial allocation of land (Group Areas and Land Acts) will be scrapped next year. The Population Registration Act (race classification laws) will lapse once a negotiated constitution comes into effect. De Klerk has held preliminary talks with ANC leaders and has promised full political negotiations to create a new constitution. Cross-border raids and destabilization tactics that characterized the Botha administration have largely ceased, but South Africa has yet to demonstrate that it has cut ties with Mozambique's right-wing Renamo rebels.

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