Romanians have been pouring into Italy for the World Cup on an all-expense-paid trip covered by Italian authorities as a reward for Romania's revolution. Some 1,000 supporters, sports ministry officials, and heroes of last December's revolution flew into Rome's Leonardo da Vinci airport to watch the Romanian team defeat the Soviets this past weekend. The fans are staying in private homes and hotels, and authorities are paying for them to travel to Romania's matches in Bari and Naples.

Italian Officials have also offered Yugoslav and Czechoslovak visitors 20 percent reductions at certain hotels and restaurants as a reward for their move toward democracy.

However, most of the Yugoslav and Czechoslovak visitors have not been able to take advantage of the savings. ``Even with the reduced prices, they can't afford to pay,'' says Franco Sardi of the Italian tourism bureau. ``In fact many of the Czechoslavak and Yugoslav fans are turning back, because the gasoline prices and Autostrada tolls are too high.

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