July 1969: Federal government adopts bilingualism. November 1976: Quebec votes in Parti Qu'eb'ecois, committed to seeking sovereignty. July 1977: Quebec introduces French Language Charter (Bill 101) to restrict the use of English in business and limit access to English education. Sept. 22, 1979: Quebec Premier Ren'e Levesque calls for Quebeckers to partially withdraw from Canada. May 20, 1980: Sixty percent of Quebeckers vote ``No'' on independence in referendum. April 17, 1982: A new Constitution is proclaimed, with agreement of all provinces except Quebec. June 3, 1987: Meeting in Meech Lake, Quebec, Prime Minister Mulroney and 10 provincial premiers agree on a constitutional deal that defines Quebec as a ``distinct society.'' June 23, 1990: Deadline for ratifying Meech Lake accord.

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