A weekly update of film releases CAMILLE CLAUDEL - She was the proteg'e and mistress of French sculptor Auguste Rodin, and also a gifted artist who chafed at remaining in the shadow of her celebrated mentor. Isabelle Adjani and Gerard Depardieu give deeply felt performances in this French production. Directed by Bruno Nuytens, a former cinematographer who gives the picture a self-conscious ``artistic'' look that detracts from its emotional impact. (Not rated)

IN THE SPIRIT - Forgettable comedy about two goofy women, a middle-aged homemaker and a ``new age'' fanatic, involved with a murder. The great cast, including Elaine May and Marlo Thomas, is mostly wasted. Directed by Sandra Seacat. (Rated R)

MY FAVORITE STORY - A drama about challenges faced in the past and present by women of three generations in a single family. Sensitively although not excitingly directed by French filmmaker Anne-Marie Mieville, a frequent collaborator of Jean-Luc Godard. Originally titled ``Mon Cher sujet.'' (Not rated)

WHERE THE HEART IS - Dark comedy about the conflicts that arise when middle-aged parents kick their offspring out of the house and tell them to make it on their own. Although it was roundly trashed by most critics, the picture has intermittent virtues, including an eye-dazzling color scheme. Still, parts of it are inexcusably stupid. Directed by John Boorman. (Rated R)

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