ENEMIES OF FREEDOM: UNDERSTANDING RIGHT-WING AUTHORITARIANISM by Bob Altemeyer, San Francisco: Jossey-Bass, 1988 This book casts light on the nature and sources of fascist-like thinking, and its threat to democratic politics. Altemeyer illustrates, by his own example, how a social psychologist goes about his craft. The book reads like a detective story.

THE SOCIAL ANIMAL by Elliot Aronson, New York: W.H. Freeman, fifth edition, 1988

A prize-winning book by a master teacher and researcher in social psychology, which gives a lucid and readable introduction to social psychology with special emphasis on the processes by which people influence one another.

HABITS OF THE HEART: INDIVIDUALISM AND COMMITMENT IN AMERICAN LIFE by Robert N. Bellah, et al., Berkeley, Calif.: University, of California Press, 1985

A close examination by sociologists (and a philosopher) of our contemporary excesses of individualism and the attrition of community in American life.

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