Hostages with their captors where known. Some kidnap victims have not been heard of since their abduction. 1985 March 16: Terry Anderson, American, Middle East Bureau Chief of the Associated Press. Islamic Jihad. June 9: Thomas Sutherland, American, dean of agriculture at the American University of Beirut (AUB). Islamic Jihad. Sept 11: Alberto Molinari, Italian, businessman.

1986 April 11: Brian Keenan, Irish, AUB teacher. April 17: John McCarthy, British, journalist for Worldwide Television News. Revolutionary Commando Cells. Sept 9: Frank Herbert Reed, American, director of Lebanese International School. Sept 12: Joseph James Cicippio, American, deputy comptroller of AUB. Revolutionary Justice Organization. Oct 21: Edward Austin Tracy, American, book salesman. Revolutionary Justice Organization.

1987 Jan 20: Terry Waite, British, envoy of the Archbishop of Canterbury, disappears while on a mission to free Western hostages. Jan 24: Jesse Turner, and Alann Steen, academics at Beirut University College kidnapped with Polhill. Islamic Jihad for the Liberation of Palestine.

1989 May 12: Jack Mann, British, retired airline pilot and nightclub manager, disappeared in west Beirut. Armed Struggle Cells. There have been unconfirmed reports he is dead. May 16: Heinrich Struebig, and Thomas Kempner, West German aid workers For Asme Humanitas Relief Agency which cares for Palestinian refugees, seized in south Lebanon. Oct 6: Emmanuel Christen, and Elio Erriquez, Swiss technicians working for the ICRC, seized in the southern port of Tyre. No group claimed responsibility.

Other foreigners whose fate in Lebanon is a contentious issue include:

Three Iranians and their Lebanese driver seized at a Christian militia checkpoint in 1982. Lebanese security sources say they are dead, but Iran has often set their freedom as a condition for its help in releasing other hostages.

Six Israeli servicemen, of whom at least three are believed to be alive.

Egyptian Muslim cleric Muhammad Mahmoud al-Jiar, seized in south Lebanon on March 17, 1988.

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