Conclusions Drawn - Deflating Superpowers

- three cartoons: - (1) A Soviet negotiator sits at a table with Lithuanian counterparts. Behind the Soviet is a Soviet tank with its barrel aimed at the Lithuanians. The Soviet says, ``First, allow me to introduce the rest of the negotiating team...'' by Gable, Globe and Mail, Toronto, Canada, C&WS, (2) In a football game having three players, one player, labeled ``LITHUANIA'' is about to get the ball as a far larger player, who wears a helmet with hammer and sickle, moves in for the tackle. A third player, George Bush, stands on the sidelines and whistles. by Boerger, The Daily Yomiuri, Tokyo, Japan, C&WS, (3) A Japanese businessman and German businessman hoist a small-size George Bush into the air and proclaim, ``....the winner of the Cold War...!'' by Tom, Trouw, Amsterdam, Netherlands, C&WS

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