Jordan's Evolving Monarchy

1948 - Independence is granted Britain mandate as Hashemite Emir `Abdallah proclaimed king. He is assassinated three years later. 1953 - His grandson, Hussein, ascends the throne. 1957 - Political parties banned after attempt to oust king. 1967 - Jordan loses territory west of the Jordan River after the Arab-Israeli War, martial law in effect. 1970 - Near civil war breaks out between government forces and Palestinians using Jordan as a base of operations against Israel 1971 - Palestinian commando organizations expelled, prompting suspension of vital aid to Jordan by Kuwait and other arab governments 1988 - Following an Arab League call for PLO governance of the West Bank, Hussein severs links to the region. 1989 - April: Price riots prompt widespread rioting and resignation of prime minister.

November: Freest elections in Arab world lead to gains for Muslim hard-liners, deny king popular mandate he sought.

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