Frank Lloyd Wright Archives, Scottsdale, Ariz. A staggering collection of 21,000 drawings, 400,000 documents (including manuscript and correspondence files), hundreds of objects (including furniture and decorative arts), Wright's fine art collection, his personal library, more than 6,000 historic photographs, and thousands of family documents is housed at Taliesen West.

Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation, Scottsdale The foundation oversees copyrights on furniture reproductions, owns and operates Taliesen and Taliesen West, including the School of Architecture. The long-range goal is to build and endow a museum and international study center of Wright's work.

Taliesen, Spring Green, Wisc. Pronounced Tal-ee-ESS-en - Welsh for ``shining brow,'' this is the complex where Wright made his home and first began a cooperative community to train architects through apprenticeships.

Taliesen West, Scottsdale Winter headquarters of Wright, his draftsmen, and apprentices, the site, at the edge of the Sonoran desert outside Phoenix, was designated by Wright as a repository for the archives.

Taliesen Fellowship The fellowship was set up to train apprentices by allowing them to work directly with practicing architects on actual projects, using principles laid out by Wright

Frank Lloyd Wright Building Conservancy This newly formed group is concerned with preserving Wright's buildings through education and information, and through technical and legal advice to building owners.

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