Marblehead at Twilight

Marblehead at twilight is a modern reverie, lightly tinted: the wind caught up green fire, in the silence the town chimes began to play

a white shadow eludes memory

the harbor fills with smoke, bluish hues of blue the boats and sails running lines in the lull through the sound of seashells forgetting to chatter

buoys leaving time in the haze

He threw the smooth stone and seaweed aside, the steep cliffs and dark making him nearly slip down

a half-forgotten chess game in the grass the glass knight with all motion lost

the light, twilight ovals and roses on the waves, a suspended etching in glass and coral air transparent layers resisting opaqueness and loss

everything seeking its reflection in the sun and water

the gull equipoised between the wind and town

a clarity of dream and ice a pearl

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