1952: Joined the African National Congress's nationwide defiance campaign at age 17. (Whites were not allowed in the ANC.) 1960: Rose to prominence as a civil rights lawyer defending many black activists from the ANC and the rival Pan-Africanist Congress. 1963: Detained under security laws for activities connected to the ANC. 1966: Detained a second time. 1967: Went into exile in Britain, and later married South African activist Stephanie Kemp. 1969: Joined the ANC when ranks became open to whites. 1977: Went to Mozambique for independence celebrations, and was later appointed senior lecturer at the Eduardo Mondlane University in Maputo. April 7, 1988: Severely injured in car bomb attack while serving as director of research in the Mozambican Justice Ministry. 1988: Appointed director of research of the South African Constitutional Studies Center at London's Institute of Commonwealth Studies. 1989: Visiting lecturer in law at Columbia University in New York City. January 1990: Published booklet called ``The Constitutional Position of White South Africans in a Democratic South Africa.''

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