Executions Put Curb on Czechs

WHILE Czech nationalism momentarily flared up Oct. 28 and was marked by clashes with German authorities followed by executions and concentration camp, there are hopes in Prague that the lesson having been administered, the Germans may be more inclined to conciliation. . . . According to German officials, one fatality resulted from clashes [with] the Nazi storm troopers. That one fatality was a student. His funeral, Nov. 15, produced another incident.

Two days later they took steps to stop such outbursts, which they felt might be disturbing the peace if unchecked. They went through dormitories of the University in the early morning hours and arrested an unknown number of students, perhaps as many as 3,000. . . .

Nine were officially executed next day. There has been no outbreak or disorder since then, nor is there likely to be so long as Czech leaders are free and able to control their people

The Monitor is looking back at the events of World War II.

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