Change continues to whip through East Berlin. Today and tomorrow, the 500-member People's Chamber is expected to pass numerous far-reaching reforms and approve a new Cabinet.

Hans Modrow, the new reform-minded prime minister, is trying to piece together a Cabinet that would reportedly mirror a ``coalition'' government, with participants from the Communist Party and the four noncommunist ``block'' parties.

The block parties traditionally have bowed to the Communist Party. But since reform began, they have become increasingly vocal. The Liberal Democratic Party announced that it will challenge the Communist Party's leading role, guaranteed in Article 1 of the East German Constitution, during debate today in the People's Chamber.

Meanwhile, Bonn is moving forward with plans to help East Germany. West German Chancellor Helmut Kohl yesterday said that Bonn is ready with immediate help in the medical, telecommunications, and environmental areas. East Germany has an acute shortage of doctors and nurses.

Mr. Kohl also wants to assist in improving telecommunications between East and West Germany. During business hours, it can take over an hour to reach East Germany.

Rudolf Seiters, minister of the chancellor's office, will go to East Berlin Monday to pave the way for a Kohl visit.

Kohl will likely make the trip after Dec. 17, the last day of the emergency congress of East Germany's Communist Party. Delegates will be able to vote in new members of the Central Committee and it is widely suspected that they may oust Egon Krenz from his position as party chief.

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