Resources for Parents

NOW in paperback, Michele Landsberg's ``Reading for the Love of it'' (Prentice Hall, $10.95) provides not only a reliable guide to more than 400 top-notch children's books, but also a series of thoughtful, well-researched chapters on such topics as encouraging beginning readers, fantasy, and girls' books versus boys' books. ``Beginning with Excellence: An Adult Guide to Great Children's Reading'' (Sound Advantage Audio Publishers, $21.95) is a series of three one-hour tape cassettes produced in cooperation with Horn Book Magazine. Producer and host Greg Fitzgerald talks with outstanding authors and illustrators (among them Robert McCloskey, Patricia MacLachlan, and Tomie dePaola), as well as librarians, teachers, and editors on a wide range of subjects, including creating a reading environment for home and school, the importance of reading aloud, and selecting books for children. It's a helpful resource for home and classroom.

For more information contact: Sound Advantage Audio Publishers, 61 Walk Hill Street, Boston, MA 02130.

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