Key Election Results

CONGRESS Texas 18th District: Mid-December runoff required between Democrats Craig Washington (41.4%) Anthony Hall (34.4) GOVERNOR New Jersey: Jim Courter (R) (38%) James Florio (D) (62) Virginia: J. Marshall Coleman (R) (49.8%) L. Douglas Wilder (D) (50.2) MAYOR New York: Rudolph Giuliani (R) (48%) David Dinkins (D) (50%)

Detroit: Coleman Young* (56%) Thomas Barrow (44%)

Cleveland: George Forbes (D) (44%) Michael White (D) (56)

Miami: Xavier Suarez (64%) Armando Lacasa (36)

Houston: Kathy Whitmire (63.2%) Fred Hofheinz (32)

Seattle: Norman Rice (51.5%) Doug Jewett (48.5)

Buffalo: James D. Griffin* (75%) William Hoyt (14%) Wilbur Trammell (11%)

New Haven: John Daniels (D) (68%) Robie Pooley (R) (29)

Minneapolis: Don Fraser* (79.3%) Jens Peterson (20.7)

St. Paul: Jim Scheibel (D) (56.4%) Bob Fletcher (I) (43.6) *Incumbent

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