BREAKING IN - An experienced burglar takes on a young apprentice, and they share various misadventures. Burt Reynolds and Casey Siemaszko give relaxed, likable performances in the comedy. But the speciality of director Bill Forsyth, as he showed best in his brilliant ``Local Hero,'' is to pepper a conventional plot with offbeat details and revealing nuances that raise the ordinary to amazingly expressive heights. Unfortunately, he works little of this magic with John Sayles's screenplay here. The results are diverting but very minor. (Rated R) FIGHT FOR US - Political violence in the Philippines is the subject of Lino Brocka's latest drama, which is relevant and sometimes passionate but not nearly as coherent or persuasive as the filmmaker would clearly like it to be. (Not rated)

MY LEFT FOOT - Biographical drama based on the life of Christy Brown, who became an internationally known author and painter even though he was born with a disability that left him paralyzed except for the use of one foot. The story has been filmed rather conventionally by director Jim Sheridan, but Daniel Day Lewis's performance grabs the audience from its first moment and doesn't let go for an instant, proving yet again that this young actor is one of the boldest and brightest talents on the movie screen today. The film also deserves credit for refusing to sentimentalize its subject, showing Brown as a flawed and sometimes insufferable person as well as a gifted creative artist. (Not rated)

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