Words Whispering

We are in trouble on earth, and we must face it! Our turning aside from it does not displace it with pleasantness - nor have we heard, as yet, the right, optimistic, cheerful words that will succeed. We wonder if they're wise, covering too well what we need to recognize: that things are going badly for so many. We ask ourselves, ``Solutions? Are there any?'' Complexities confuse us. The world seems bent on actions that are inimical to content. Should we shout, ``Courage!'' or advise, ``Have faith!'' The terms seem crumbs. They are like a wraith to the starving! Hunger is in a hurry, waiting on decisions. Those winning will not yield of what they've gained by war, one battlefield; while those losing, in their desperation and deprivation, dare not. Hesitation grips the era; the hearts and minds of men divide around their equities again; and no call breaks the impasse, no long crying out of ``Peace!'' (The whispers mean, ``Keep trying!'')

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