A Short Compendium of the Memorable

1.H.L. Mencken. 2.Wildflowers in spring on the California desert.

3.Yellowstone before the fire.

4.A 1941 Ford.

5.Before credit cards.


7.Photos of just about anything before-and-after.

8.Truthful ads without fine print.

9.Socks that fit only one size.


11.Overheard at the Museum of Modern Art: ``There's a smell of paint in here.''

12.Not being sure, but not being afraid.


14.Plain, white T-shirts.

15.Sitting on the subway listening to other people's supposedly private conversations about people you don't know but wonder how they manage.

16.Absolute quiet.

17.Ronald Resch, the man who built a geometrically perfect three-and-a-half story, two-and-a-half ton steel egg in Alberta, Canada.

18.White cake with white frosting.

19.People who give up smoking.

20.My Uncle Charles, who drove a four-door Hudson.

21.The word ``kakistocracy,'' meaning ``government by the worst men.''


23.Fats Domino and Chuck Berry.

24.The word ``infra dig,'' meaning ``not consistent with dignity.''

25.Tomatoes picked from the vine and eaten like apples.

26.The guest on a radio program who was asked, ``How old are you?'' and answered, ``You mean right now?''

27.The word ``ferly,'' meaning ``wonderfully great.''

28.Old, talkative men who love to repair things.

29.Any library anywhere.

30.Freshly baked sourdough bread and an empty stomach.

31.Bees and how they live.

32.The power of a simple, declarative sentence.

33.A glass of water you can trust.

34.John Gould.

35.Alec Guinness in ``The Lavender Hill Mob.''

36.Double rainbows.

37.The woman behind me in a cathedral who whispered to a friend, ``Sacred cows make good hamburger.''

38.The practicality of bicycles.

39.My Aunt Ruby, who was a high school Latin teacher.

40.The New York restaurant owner who said, ``Anybody willing to put in 100 hours a week, seven days a week, has it made.''

41.H.L. Mencken again, who said, ``Puritanism - the haunting fear that someone, somewhere, may be happy.''


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