A United Nations fact-finding mission which will go to Cambodia next week has been given full support by all four fighting factions, the Norwegian mission head said Sunday. Lt. Gen. Martin Vadset said the aim was to establish the conditions for international monitoring of a possible settlement of the 10-year conflict.

Vietnam has promised to withdraw its forces from Cambodia by the end of September.

General Vadset, a key figure in negotiating peace in the Iran-Iraq war, told reporters: ``All factions and neighboring countries have been very helpful in giving support.''

He was speaking as the mission assembled in the Thai capital before flying to Phnom Penh yesterday.

The mission will spend eight or nine days in Phnom Penh before visiting Cambodian resistance camps along the Thai side of the border. It will then report back to the international conference on Cambodia in Paris toward the end of the month.

Vadset said the 15-member team includes representatives from Australia, Britain, Canada, France, India, Indonesia, Iran, Malaysia, Jamaica, and Poland. He said his mission would not deal with the issue of repatriating up to 300,000 Cambodian refugees camped along the Thai border.

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