A June 29 profile of African wildlife champion George Adamson noted that the Kora Game Reserve where he lives was under consideration for status as a national park. Richard Leakey, director of Kenya's Wildlife Department told the Monitor recently that the parched, 500-square mile area in south-central Kenya will indeed become a national game park ``very soon.'' Assessments of the future of tourism in Kenya tend to stress the need for additional areas for tourists in order not to overcrowd the handful of game parks. Covered with sparse grass, thorn thickets, and bone-dry trees, Kora has changed little over the centuries.

Status as a National Game Park will mean increased protection for its wildlife. A game lodge likely will be built on the Tana River, the reserve's northern border. Many tourists will also want to see George Adamson, who continues to raise abandoned and orphaned lion cubs and set them free. He says visitors would be welcome.

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