No one knows why a toy succeeds, or what keeps it popular. Some past favorites: 1867 Parcheesi

1903 Crayola crayons, Teddy bears

1913 Erector Set

1914 Raggedy Ann

1929 Yo-yo

1930 Lego building bricks

1935 Monopoly

1945 Silly Putty, Slinky

1955 Play-Doh

1957 Frisbee

1958 Hula Hoop

1959 Barbie doll

1960 Etch-a-Sketch

1964 G.I. Joe

1968 Hot Wheels cars

1970 Nerf ball

1978 Simon game

1983 Cabbage Patch Kids, Trivial Pursuit

Source: Toy Manufacturers of America

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