Court: Rose 2, Giamatti 0

A STATE appeals court Wednesday rejected baseball's attempt to nullify an order that temporarily blocks a hearing by the commissioner on gambling allegations against Pete Rose and prevents any immediate disciplinary action against the Cincinnati Reds manager. The ruling was the second court loss in four days for Commissioner A. Bartlett Giamatti. On Sunday, Hamilton County Common Pleas Judge Norbert Nadel granted Mr. Rose a 14-day temporary restraining order that prevents Mr. Giamatti from holding a hearing or making a final determination on allegations that Rose bet on his own team.

Nadel said Giamatti had ``prejudged'' Rose as guilty.

A three-judge appellate panel concluded this afternoon that it had no legal standing to intervene in the case because Nadel's order ``is not either a judgment or a final order, which may be reviewed.''

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