Pilchuck Glass in Seattle

HERE in Seattle, one good place to find Pilchuck glass is where you'd least expect it - the Seattle Sheraton (1400 6th Ave). The hotel has assembled an impressive collection of 2,000 works of art, shown in the public areas and guest rooms. To see the Pilchuck Collection, ask the concierge to direct you to Fuller's, a fine dining room named for the founder of the Seattle Art Museum. The restaurant's Pilchuck Room features some 20 works in a lighted, wall-size showcase. And in the lobby, Dale Chihuly's spectacular ``Flower Form 2'' is also on display. Through Aug. 13, the Seattle Art Museum in Volunteer Park is presenting ``Figures of Translucence,'' an exhibition featuring William Morris's ``Offering,'' and pieces by Pilchuck artist Nancy Mee and the Pilchuck team of Flora C. Mace and Joey Kirkpatrick.

Three Seattle galleries also display glass from Pilchuck. The Foster/White Gallery in the city's Pioneer Square district (311 Occidental Ave., South) represents Morris, Chihuly, and five other Pilchuck artists, with pieces priced from $900 to $60,000. The Traver Gallery (2219 4th Ave.) offers the work of several Pilchuck artists, and so does the Linda Farris Gallery (320 2nd Ave. South).

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