Friendly Mosquitoes


THE Florida mosquito isn't as big as the New Jersey mosquito, (it takes only six New Jersey mosquitoes to carry off a full grown man and dump him in the swamps), but Florida mosquitoes are small and mean. While there is no proof that Florida mosquitoes carry off children, alligators, and small mobile homes, they have fearsome reputations and are known for their poor dispositions. But according to certain biological laboratories, there is a new mosquito in Florida, friendly to Floridians. This new mosquito holds no grudges against people and doesn't bite them.

The study came about because it no longer does any good to spray for the common Florida mosquito. They have become immune to chemical insecticides, and many believe they thrive on them. The answer seems to be to stop spraying chemicals and support the big, green, people-loving mosquito. One of its chief claims to fame is that it likes to eat the small, mean, people-biting mosquito. In fact it seems that even the larvae of this new mosquito like to eat the larvae of the mean, old, people-biting mosquito. So, the theory goes, eventually there will be only the big, happy, friendly green mosquitoes left.

So far this experiment is being conducted on a small scale, and there has been no noticeable change in the mosquito population. Larger experiments are being planned, however, and the results will be carefully studied. No serious problems are as yet seen.

Except maybe one. Don't swat the Toxorhynchites splendens. He is your friend.

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