St. George in Hot Pursuit of the Fiery Dragon


HAVE you ever dreamed of living in the Middle Ages, riding a white steed and slaying dragons? Then perhaps you can put yourself in this picture. But would you be quite as brave as St. George? We feel little pity for the dragon, the only ugly thing in the painting. Such a loathsome thing surely would be overcome by good. See the calm expression on the face of St. George. Does the horse question his master's skill? I think not, for that is surely love in his great, gentle brown eyes.

When Raphael painted this work, ``Saint George and the Dragon,'' he was only about 22, but was already one of the accepted master painters in Italy. His style was classical and romantic and almost effortless-appearing.

There are those who feel negatively about Raphael's perfection, and consider it boring, but they are probably mistaken, for his work is truly done in ``the great style'' of that time. His paintings reflect nobility and purity, and often seem set in heavenly places.

Observe the defined design on St. George's saddle, and the splendid armor and billowing cape. Notice the dreamy quality of the landscape - but would you like the tree branches to bend in the wind?

St. George is very young, and there is no fear in his expression. This is stuff fairy tales are made of, and Raphael has even given us a castle - not more than a good day's ride away!

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