American Business Information in Omaha, Nebraska, counted the 1988 increase in business listings in the Yellow Pages of telephone directories across the United States to see which activities thrived and which declined. The count showed a strong yuppie influence. Among the top-growth categories were glass-coating and tinting and cleanup service for the car, shopping for collectibles, and bed-and-breakfast accommodations. Also doing well were exercise and physical fitness programs and tax consultants.

Facsimile communication equipment showed explosive growth, leading the pack with 119 percent more dealers. Some other computer-related businesses boomed also, such as computer service and repair and computer software.

The number of dealers in video cassette recorder dropped 14.5 percent, but the number of VCR service and repair shops increased 18.7 percent.

Wood stoves have lost their appeal, partly because of environmental regulations and loss of tax incentives. Also suffering are dealers in linoleum, microwave ovens, household garbage-disposal equipment, and carpets and antennas.

The hardest hit activity was wedding announcements and invitations. Are fewer people getting married? asks American Business Information. Or are they just not telling anyone?

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