James Brady to Work for Disabled

Former presidential Press Secretary James Brady has a new job in Washington. He will be the vice-chairman of the National Organization on Disability, headquartered two blocks from the White House where, in January 1981, he became Ronald Reagan's press secretary. Two months later he was wounded in the attempted assassination of the President; earlier this year he retired as press secretary.

In his new work, which will be voluntary, Mr. Brady will use his long-time public affairs background in working with corporate, government, media, and private organizations. He also will meet with other disability leaders.

Brady, who now uses a wheelchair, says he wants to help ``sensitize nondisabled people to what it's like, and above all, [to] what can be done in local communities to improve and expand our democracy.''

In a statement, Brady said that an estimated 37 million Americans are now classified as disabled.

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