Self-Portrait: Microcosm, or, Song of Mixed-Blood

1. In me the Cherokee wars against yoneg (white) I have college degrees (2) all major credit cards pay my bills on time each month on my wall is a photograph of the Great Spirit


Because the meat I eat comes wrapped in cellophane I do not understand the first facts of life I have never drunk blood and I hunt with the channel selector in front of my TV


When I go to the supermarket and buy some meat pre-cut and wrapped how do I apologize to the spirit of the animal whose meat I eat and where shall I build my fires? 4.

My poems are my fires. oh gods forgive me all the things I've failed to do. the things I should have done. forgive the meat I've used without a prayer without apology forgive the other prayers I haven't said those times I should but oh ye gods both great and small I do not know the ancient forms. my poems are my fires and my prayers.

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