When I was small, I told you that I could make my own toast, and from that time you let me try so many things on my own. You stood by me through a marriage which is no more, and told me I could come home if I needed to, but first I should try to make it alone.

And when I made a success of my work, you relaxed and breathed easier, thinking that maybe I had settled for a while.

But then I decided to fly, and you supported me in a journey which took me across the country, because you knew I needed to see if I could survive alone in a new place. And when I got hurt, I called you, and you offered to come and care for me.

But I told you that I'm doing OK, and a group of friends are caring for me, and helping me make it through this time. And because you've allowed me to try, all my life, I think that I can make my own toast.

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