THE BOOST - Hysterical story of a small-time businessman who moves to Los Angeles, makes a few big deals, begins abusing drugs, and loses everything. James Woods shows a few flashes of his usual intensity, but the rest of the picture is a total loss. Harold Becker directed; Sean Young and Steven Hill play key supporting roles. (Rated R) A FORGOTTEN TUNE FOR THE FLUTE - Satiric jabs at glasnost and perestroika are the most newsworthy elements of this Soviet romance, which focuses on a privileged Moscow bureaucrat who falls in love with a nurse and feels emotions he never dreamed he could have. Eldar Ryazanov directed the slight but likable comedy-drama, and Tatiana Dogileva gives a winning performance as the official's new flame. (Not rated) GENESIS - On a hard and isolated patch of land, two men and a woman form a microcosm of human existence in its most fundamental form. Mrinal Sen, an Indian filmmaker with a growing reputation, directed the drama, which is timeless if not particularly incisive. (Not rated) HAUNTED SUMMER - The great poet Byron joins a few friends, including Percy and Mary Shelley, for a delirious and sometimes doped-up summer vacation. The story covers the same territory as Ken Russell's hallucinatory ``Gothic,'' but director Ivan Passer takes an attractively pictorial approach that tempers the excesses of his subject. (Rated R) HELLBOUND: HELLRAISER II - Ghostly ghouls and a sinister psychiatrist make trouble for two young women in this supernatural thriller. Like the original ``Hellraiser,'' it's unusually imaginative and unusually disgusting. Scare specialist Clive Barker dreamed up the story and Tony Randel directed it. (Rated R) JUST LIKE WEATHER - This unconventional drama from Hong Kong jumps between documentary and fiction as it tells the story of a young couple with a troubled marriage. Resourcefully directed by Allen Fong. (Not rated) PELLE THE CONQUEROR - A young boy and his hard-working father migrate to a new land where they hit nothing but hard times. Max von Sydow gives a sturdy performance, but the movie is doggedly stale in every other department, from its trite screenplay to its postcard cinematography. Directed by Danish filmmaker Bille August, whose earlier work includes the contemporary drama ``Twist and Shout.'' (Not rated) WE THINK THE WORLD OF YOU - Complications abound for a middle-aged Londoner when his lover is arrested and he agrees to care for the jailbird's dog. Alan Bates and Gary Oldman give amusing performances as the main characters, and the homosexual aspect of the story is handled with unusual tact and restraint. Directed by Colin Gregg from Hugh Stoddart's screenplay, based on a J.R. Ackerley novel. Frances Barber heads the supporting cast. (Not rated) RATINGS: Films with ratings other than G may contain varying degrees of vulgar language, nudity, sex, and violence.

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