Biodegradable blues

OF 160 million tons of garbage a year ... about 80 percent is buried in landfills. A computer age and the drive for convenience - Americans throw away 16 billion diapers a year - has driven waste paper generation up about 50 percent since 1960, to about 65 million tons. - Associated Press Sing us a song of disposability. Hail with merry measures the synthetics boon. Use it once, throw it out. In all probability We'll find new resources when we mine the moon.

Sing us a song of planned obsolescence. Forget about the future. It's almost in the past. Everybody knows that time is of the essence. Here today, tomorrow gone. Use it up fast. Sing us no song of biodegradables. Plunder nature's bounties. Don't be a drag. Diamonds are forever. All the rest are tradables. Please put your debris in the plastic trash bag.

Sing us a song of refuse a-wandering. Ship ahoy, trash. Garbage distress. Honored Pilgrim fathers, are you wondering

and pondering How America the beautiful got in such a mess?

so... Sing us a song of accountability. Toxic waste, acid rain - cleanup cannot wait. There's something more important than

disposability. Wake up, America, before it's too late!

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