Global Poverty Reduction Act

Regarding the article ``Third-world debt stalls development as rich nations get richer,'' Sept. 22: Susan George's writings on the overwhelming debt burden in third-world countries truly put a human face on poverty. Ms. George speaks of reducing the debt burden by allowing debtor nations to convert their debt into local-currency investments to benefit their poor. She speaks of women and children and farmers. She advocates small loans that would be developmental.

It is sad that world poverty has not become an issue in the United States presidential campaign. Yet, legislation is pending in Congress that would go a long way toward realizing some of the goals Ms. George enunciates.

This is the Global Poverty Reduction Act which would direct US development aid dollars to increasing female literacy, to reducing the under-5 death rate, and reducing absolute poverty in third-world countries.

Gov. Michael Dukakis has adopted the provisions of the act as part of his campaign. This is a nonpartisan cause and one in which Vice-President George Bush should join. Gregory Speltz, La Crosse, Wis.

Vermont battles it out The article ``Election '88: Northeast and mid-Atlantic,'' Sept. 28, characterizes the election for Vermont's only seat in the US House of Representatives as a ``three-way battle'' between Peter Smith (Republican), Paul Poirier (Democrat), and Bernard Sanders (Independent).

In fact, this is a four-way race, the fourth candidate being Jim Hedbor, representing the Libertarian Party. Eric Jay Del Giacco, South Hill, Va.

-Editor's note: Peter Diamondstone of the Liberty Union Party and Morris Earle of the Small is Beautiful Party are also candidates for election to this seat.-

World-class basketball I must take exception to the article ``World catching up to United States in basketball, baseball,'' Sept. 29, on the Seoul Olympic competition.

The Russian basketball team plays that sport as their vocation and are paid to do it.

So do the Los Angeles Lakers!

The United States fielded a group of highly talented individuals, but six months is hardly long enough for them to compete with a team which has played together for years.

When the Russians field a team capable of beating the L.A. Lakers they will have achieved parity, but they are light-years away from that ability today. Joe Hebert, Stowe, Vt.

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