Zany zukes

AS every backyard gardener knows, August is the month when the zucchini keep coming and coming and coming. But for some people, it's not enough to figure out ways of foisting the green oblongs on friends and neighbors, they have to carry their squash zealotry to a wider audience. A group in Keene, N.H., the Zucchini Central Committee, is carrying this impulse to a zany extreme by staging the Zucchini Olympics next Saturday. Events include the Floatable Zuke, the Rocket-Powered Airborne Zuke, and the Greased Zucchini Toss.

To raise the affair a notch above slapstick, an artistic competition is held: Best Still Life With a Zucchini Photograph and Best Zucchini Musical Instrument, to name a couple of categories.

Bowing to the political year, the Zucchini Central folks will also inaugurate the Most Republican Zucchini and Most Democratic Zucchini.

But we doubt the judges' objectivity in this area. The festival strikes a squashily partisan note in choosing only a Best Bush Zucchini. Why not a Best Duke Zuke as well?

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