Ride right! Bicycle rules of the road

WHETHER you're out racing, bushwhacking high in the mountains, or just cruising around town, 'tis the season for the bike. You don't have to rush out and buy racing stretch pants, but getting a helmet is mandatory for some activities. Whatever your speed, safety is of the utmost importance for everybody, whether you're an adult or a child.

You should make sure your bicycle is in proper working order. Most bike shops offer ``tuneups.''

Ride in safe areas, and beware of dangerous weather conditions. Although rules vary from state to state, here are some guidelines, compliments of the Kiwanis Club and the state of Massachusetts:

Ride on the right with the flow of traffic.

Ride single file.

Stop at stop signs and traffic lights.

Signal by hand for turns.

Give the right of way to pedestrians.

Give a clear warning (bell, horn, or voice) when needed for safety.

Carry no passengers (except on approved baby seat).

Check your brakes often.

Equip your bike with front and rear reflectors, pedal reflectors, and reflective material on both sides.

Do not adjust handlebars above your shoulders or alter the front fork of bike.

Do not ride on express or limited access highways.

You may ride on the sidewalk outside of the business districts unless the city or town prohibits it.

Equip bike with white light in front, red light on rear.

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