European tourists flock to US

Due to the low dollar and cheaper air fares, more Europeans are traveling to the United States. Tourist visa applications are flooding US consulates in Western Europe, and tour operators say the number of bookings to the US is up sharply from last year's record.

The Association of European Airlines, based in Brussels, says the total number of Europeans flying to the US has increased about 48 percent since 1985. According to the association, 7.2 million Europeans took flights to the US from January to October 1987.

Britain and West Germany provide the bulk of tourists visiting the US. Sheila Beecham, owner of American Round-up, a travel agency 25 miles north of London, said her business is flourishing. ``In the last three months I've had the same amount of business as all last year,'' said Ms. Beecham, whose agency specializes in adventure vacations to the Western states.

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