Painless activity

A BEAUTIFUL, heavy snow had fallen. Knowing that a friend would be returning from a trip later in the day, my father and I decided to shovel the snow from her sidewalk. Talking as we worked, we enjoyed the crisp winter air and the good feeling thatcomes from helping a friend. A passer-by stopped briefly and, smiling, said to us, ``Boy, are you going to be sore tomorrow!'' Of course, he meant it to be only a friendly, sympathetic comment, and we waved and smiled in return. I knew, however, the importance of seeing clearly that we were governed by divine law alone and weren't subject to inevitable suffering. It seemed ludicrous to think that we could possibly experience even a moment of suffering as the result of this act of kindness.

Through my study and application of Christian Science, I had learned that such suffering is unnecessary. We see this as we begin to understand that God, divine Life, is the source of all action and strength. Job said, referring to God, ``He performeth the thing that is appointed for me.''1 I reasoned that if God had inspired us to be kind, we could certainly trust Him also to provide the strength to carry out the task.

We experienced no painful aftereffects. And our friend was especially grateful when she returned from the warmer climate she had visited.

It's often believed that pain must be the result of a certain kind or extent of activity. But in the light of Christ Jesus' teachings, Christian Science reverses this so-called physical law with a higher, spiritual law. Mary Baker Eddy, the Discoverer and Founder of this Science, writes: ``Belief produces the results of belief, and the penalties it affixes last so long as the belief and are inseparable from it. The remedy consists in probing the trouble to the bottom, in finding and casting out by denial the error of belief which produces a mortal disorder, never honoring erroneous belief with the title of law nor yielding obedience to it.''2

As we increasingly understand God to be the only genuine cause and man to be the perfect effect, we can prove our exemption from suffering. It would be impossible for infinite, divine Love to cause pain, and consequently impossible for Love's idea, man, to experience it. If we are alert to the subtle (sometimes even friendly!) suggestions that cause and effect are in matter, and reverse them through prayer with the conviction of divine cause and effect, we need not suffer from doing good. Sin, of course, does bring inevitable suffering, because in acting contrary to divine law we separate ourselves from the protection inherent in that law. But we need not be victimized as a result of any worthwhile activity. And the suffering associated with sin can be healed as the sin is given up.

Suppose we've already suffered from this false law of pain in matter? It's never too late to claim our God-given freedom. We can end the suffering right now through turning in prayer to God and insisting on the spiritual truth of man as governed in absolute perfection by God. Mrs. Eddy writes: ``Take possession of your body, and govern its feeling and action. Rise in the strength of Spirit to resist all that is unlike good. God has made man capable of this, and nothing can vitiate the ability and power divinely bestowed on man.''3

Whether increased physical activity is required by your job, motivated by love for your fellowman, or inspired by the pure joy of recreation, you need not suffer for it. Fearlessly, right now, you can claim your exemption and be free.

1Job 23:14. 2Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures, p. 184. 3Ibid., p. 393.

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