THE BALLETS DE MONTE CARLO will join the year-old Miami City Ballet in benefit performances April 13 and 14, 1988, in Miami. Proceeds from the $2,500-a-seat and $500-a-seat programs will go to the two companies and the Princess Grace Foundation - USA, which gives annual scholarships and other aid to young, unknown performers in film, theater, and dance. AT&T REENTERS THE FIELD OF QUALITY TELEVISION with a new lineup of ``AT&T Presents'' specials three or four times a year. The first presentation, to air on NBC in March, will be a two-hour version of ``Inherit the Wind'' starring Kirk Douglas and Jason Robards. The second production will be ``The Final Days,'' based on the Woodward and Bernstein best seller about the last days of the Nixon administration. It will air on ABC. A FRANK LLOYD WRIGHT HOUSE designed for a medium-income family and incorporating his architectural ideals is the centerpiece for a traveling exhibition on his work, opening in Dallas Jan. 19 and then going to five other cities. Wright designed the three-bedroom, two-bath home in 1955, but it was not built until plans were made to include it in a new exhibition, ``Frank Lloyd Wright: In the Realm of Ideas.'' The house features an abundance of natural light, built-ins, and open spaces. After closing in Dallas April 17, the exhibition moves to Washington; Miami; Chicago; Scottsdale, Ariz.; and San Diego. THE FRANKLIN INSTITUTE in Philadelphia opens a new exhibit, ``Communications,'' this Saturday. Visitors can see themselves playing weatherman on TV and experiment with special effects. They can also learn about printing and other means of conveying messages. THE KENNEDY CENTER HONORS marks its 10th anniversary with the telecast next Wednesday (CBS, 9-11 p.m.) of a gala honoring choreographer Alwin Nikolais, entertainer Sammy Davis Jr., screen legend Bette Davis, violinist Nathan Milstein, and singer Perry Como. The gala, which was taped Dec. 6, also includes a salute to composer Irving Berlin, marking his 100th birthday.

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