Two verses of `Storm Family's Anthem,' from `The Death of Cock Robin'

When the sky's all crazed with lightning While the clouds roll black and frightening Like the world's started smouldering somewhere And a huge old thunderboomer Sounds its guns, come be our roomer

On the back of an old kitchen chair. When a schoolbus or a dumptruck swerves Like Dodgem cars on highway curves

While gasps, shouts, and shrieks fill the air As your car spins like Pavlova did, You're safer on our sofa-bed

Upheld by an old kitchen chair.

And we swear (Yes, we swear)

We'll be there (We'll be ... etc.)

When the rain, snow, and sleet fill the air,

Where we'll share

Simple fare

On the back of an old kitchen chair.

We won't question your opinions While you roost in our dominions,

They're your own and we simply don't care. We won't ask you what your father does 'Cause things like that don't bother us

On the heights of an old kitchen chair. If your folks are influential That won't serve for your credential;

If your forebears are known, just forbear. Even though you're high and mighty We'll still offer you a nightie

Off the back of an old kitchen chair.

When the bear

Seeks his lair

While upheaval and need fill the air,

We'll prepare

Meals to spare

And a berth on our old kitchen chair. Reprinted by permission.

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