No Gorbachev interview for CBS

Moscow has denied CBS's request for an interview with Mikhail Gorbachev because of its coverage of Afghanistan and a human rights question posed by Dan Rather during a press conference two years ago, CBS says. One reason for the denial was a CBS documentary aired on July 29, ``CBS Reports: The Battle for Afghanistan.'' In 1980, when he was a correspondent for ``60 Minutes,'' Mr. Rather went into the country disguised as an Afghan rebel to cover the war against Soviet invaders.

Also, at a news conference in Paris in October 1985, Rather asked Gorbachev about Soviet Jews emigrating from the Soviet Union. Rather asked the Soviet leader about political prisoners in the Soviet Union as well.

ABC and NBC have had no response to their requests for an interview with the Soviet leader, who is to meet in Washington with President Reagan on Dec. 7.

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