GEORGE HARRISON ``Cloud Nine'' (Dark Horse Records 25643-1, 2) - An amiable collection of songs from George Harrison - his first album in five years and a most welcome one. Several tunes (Harrison co-wrote most of them) happily recall the Beatles, especially the Sgt. Pepperish ``When We Was Fab,'' the ballad ``Just For Today,'' and the rocking ``Fish on the Sand.'' Ringo Starr plays drums, and Elton John and Eric Clapton make guest appearances. TERENCE TRENT D'ARBY ``Introducing the Hardline According to Terence Trent D'Arby'' (Columbia BFC 40964) - Newcomer D'Arby is making a lot of waves right now, and with good reason. He's a talented composer and a versatile singer, with a voice that ranges from a scratchy growl to a shimmering falsetto, and an unpolished charm. His instrumental backup includes elements of pop, funk, reggae, blues, and African music.

THE JETS ``Magic'' (MCA-42085) - The Jets show how much they've matured on this second album. The seven brothers and sisters work the same punchy dance grooves - but with an added touch of sophistication this time. The pretty ballad ``Make It Real'' rivals their hit ``You Got It All'' from their first album. Includes the hit song ``Cross My Broken Heart.''

JOE COCKER ``Unchain My Heart'' (Capitol/EMI CLT-48285) - Cocker's lived-in, sandpapery voice is a pleasure to hear on this set of hard-rocking blues/rock numbers and warm ballads. Highlights are the majestic ``I Stand in Wonder'' and the soulful ``Satisfied.'' Phoebe Snow joins him on ``The One,'' and Clarence Clemons and the Uptown Horns appear on the title tune.

LOUDNESS ``Hurricane Eyes'' (ATCO 90619-1) - Japan's premi`ere heavy metal band spans the gamut of metal styles from smooth ``glam'' ballads like ``In My Dreams,'' to ``thrash'' (punk metal) numbers like ``S.D.I.'' Akira Takasaki plays some fancy guitar, and the baroque-style string backgrounds that run under a couple of the numbers give the band a slightly different sound from other metal bands.

JACK WALRATH ``Master of Suspense'' (Blue Note BLJ-46905) - Former trumpeter for Charles Mingus, Walrath has played with rhythm-and-blues and jazz groups, from Ray Charles to Sam Rivers. Here he fronts a septet that plays mostly his own super-hip, inventive compositions and arrangements that range in style from modern bop to avant-garde. Willie Nelson (!) guests on a couple of sentimental ballads.

DAVE HOLLAND QUINTET ``The Razor's Edge'' (ECM 1353) - British jazz bassist Holland leads a fine trio of horn players, backed by whiz kid drummer Smitty Smith. Holland's arrangements create the illusion of a larger ensemble, and the style is loosely structured and open. As in many pianoless groups, the improvisers have free rein. In this case, they do that freedom justice.

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