Poll says Soviets want troops out of Afghanistan

A Western-style opinion poll conducted in Moscow shows most Soviet citizens favor pulling troops out of Afghanistan and issuing visas to people who want to emigrate, the French magazine Le Point said yesterday. The survey of 1,000 Moscow-area residents between 18 and 65 was conducted by the Soviet Institute of Sociological Studies.

Respondents were selected at random and interviewed by telephone Oct. 1-12.

The poll showed 53 percent favored a ``total withdrawal of Soviet troops from Afghanistan'' against 27 percent opposed.

The respondents also approved ``issuing exit visas to Soviet citizens and their families who wish to leave the USSR for good'' by 73 percent to 18 percent.

It turned up majorities of between 79 and 88 percent in favor of multiple candidates in local elections, self-employment, workers' selection of management, and curbs on the sale of liquor.

Asked which countries were avowed enemies of the Soviet Union, 52 percent said the United States; 22 percent, West Germany; 12 percent, Britain; and 3 percent, France.

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