Bork friend explains why he did not testify

An Indiana University law professor says he wasn't intimidated when he decided not to testify on behalf of Supreme Court nominee Robert Bork. John T. Baker, who chose not to appear before the Senate Judiciary Committee a day before his scheduled testimony, said a phone call from a Senate Judiciary Committee aide did not influence him against testifying.

Professor Baker would have been the only black law professor to testify for Bork. He was warned by committee aide Linda Greene that he, not his testimony, would be the focus of questioning.

``After about 10 hours of considering my testimony, I concluded it didn't make sense to appear unless I was prepared to deal with that kind of questioning,'' Baker told The Indianapolis News on Monday.

His decision not to testify Sept. 27 for Bork was difficult, partly because of his friendship with the judge, Baker said, a relationship that developed when they taught at Yale University.

Baker said he had agreed to testify at Bork's request.

He said he and Ms. Greene have been friends for several years and that accusations that she influenced him to cancel his appearance do not merit any kind of investigation.

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