A health spa murder mystery

Weep No More, My Lady, by Mary Higgins Clark. New York: Simon & Schuster. 315 pp. $17.95. Clark's sixth mystery novel, a romantic murder mystery set among the beautiful people at a California health spa, does not measure up to the fine reputation established by her earlier novels such as ``Where are the Children?'' and ``A Stranger Is Watching.'' A famous actress, Leila LaSalle, falls to her death from the balcony of her Manhattan apartment, and her fianc'e, Ted Winters, is charged with murder. A week before the trial begins, the prosecution's key witness, Leila's sister, Elizabeth Lange, is invited to the spa by the owner, Baroness Mina von Schreiber, her oldest friend. When Elizabeth arrives she discovers that several of the other guests, including Ted, his business partner, Leila's former agent, and a rival actress, had motives for killing Leila. Although the identity of the killer is not hard to figure out, ``Weep No More, My Lady'' makes entertaining reading.

Jane Stewart Spitzer is a free-lance book reviewer who specializes in popular fiction.

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