THE UNITED STATES ENTRY received the grand prize Gold Trigue in the Prague Quadrennial of scenic and costume design. Titled ``Design and Process,'' the US exhibit is a one-story ``building'' of four rooms: a Los Angeles art director's studio, a New York scenic designer's studio, a costume designer's shop, and a lighting designer's studio. The approximately 200 pieces of art represent more than 70 designers, including Tony and Oscar winners. The exhibit, a project of the US Institute of Theatre Technology, is scheduled to tour Europe and the US. DAVID BOWIE'S TOUR MOVES ON to San Jose, Calif., on Friday. The rock star has scheduled his performances in stadiums that can accommodate not only huge crowds but also the 360-ton set that goes along. Other performance dates are in Anaheim, Calif., Aug. 8 and 9; Denver, Aug. 12; Portland, Ore., Aug. 14; Minneapolis, Aug. 20; Foxboro, Mass., Sept 3; and Pontiac, Mich., Sept. 12. CLIFF HUXTABLE, MEET SGT. ZEKE ANDERSON! The TV network ratings battle brings in the Vietnam War, as CBS sends ``Tour of Duty,'' starring Terence Knox as platoon leader Anderson, up against NBC's ``The Cosby Show'' this fall. Knox had been featured in the popular series ``St. Elsewhere.'' THE MOSCOW BALLET begins its first American tour in Baltimore on Sept. 24, visiting 21 cities. Featured artists include Natalia Tcherkaskaya and Vasili Polushin, both of the Bolshoi Ballet; Lubova Kunackhova of the Kirov Ballet; and Vadim Pisarev.

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